Oasis Farm Oldham is a community farm based in an urban area. The farm hosts projects based around growing, gardening and animal care and is a resource that supports Oasis Academy Oldham students throughout the year through Peer Mentoring and Farm and Gardening clubs. 

Our peer mentoring project involves getting young people to work together in a safe space to learn about themselves and overcome challenges through peer support whilst fostering an interest and understanding of how to look after our wellbeing. The farm also gives our mentoring group the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities in school and enables students to benefit from therapeutic work with animals and plants.

We also welcome schools and other educational organisations to visit the farm and explore animal care, farming and horticulture with students along with exploring physical and mental wellbeing.

We open the farm during school holidays for our local families to enjoy together and get involved with caring for the animals while playing and learning. We welcome students and community volunteers to support these activities and host a range of activities based around animal care, environment and growing food.