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At Oasis Hub’s Monday morning Community Drop-In (10am-noon in Oasis Hub’s Community Space across from Oasis Academy Oldham’s reception desk on Hollins Road) Oldham Credit Union offer members of the community a chance to save themselves a trip into town to make deposits locally. You may also open a new account at the Drop-In, or come and find out about saving with the Credit Union.

If you would like to know more about the Credit Union, please get in touch with Oasis Hub, placing ‘Credit Union’ in the subject line, or email e.whitfield@oasisoldham.org


Oasis Hub run a number of after-school clubs focusing on delivering financial education and money skills in a fun, interesting and engaging way. The clubs involve a number of approaches, including board gaming, inventing new games, enterprise projects, community banking workshops, guided drama workshops, role-play, specific lesson plans and discussions. The clubs come tailor-made for KS1, 2 and 3, and are focused on the character-building framework outlined by Oasis as well as Young Enterprise (formerly Pfeg). The clubs also offer young people the opportunity to open accounts and save with Oldham Credit Union.

If your school would like to hold a Young Saver Club, please get in touch with Oasis Hub, placing ‘Young Savers Club’ in the subject line, or email e.whitfield@oasisoldham.org, and we can provide you with the necessary resources and programme framework for the year, as well as opportunities to avail of external agents such as Oldham Credit Union, the Coliseum Theatre Oldham, and NatWest’s Community Banker.


This project has been paused, but if you would like any advice or support please visit our drop in. Contact Oldham Credit Union (0161 678 7245) or our Thriving Hollinwood partners.